Risk Based Insurance

Expand Current Pricing Models

Creating Narrow Banded Price Model

Increase Profit Model

Reduce the Cost of Capturing Data


Cloud4Device collects results though a  unique hybrid mobile application and bluetooth device strategy.  This enables a low cost and high quality data capture process.

Adding More Data Points than companies had before

  • Driving Behavior
    • Miles Driven
    • Hard Braking
    • Hard Acceleration
    • Time Driven
    • Terminal Speed LimitPresentacion SBU-Mexico (eng) -V5.pptx (1)
    • Idle Time
  • Family Connector
    • Add Family Members with devices
    • Connect Vehicles
    • Emergency Messages with Location
    • Location Notifications
    • Alerts
  • OBD Information
    • Diagnostic Warnings
    • Engine Light Severity
  • Location Tracking
    • Last know position of vehicle
    • Route Mapping of trip
    • Map layer with Incident information
  • Economic Driving
    • Fuel Usage
  • Recall Information
    • Vehicle specific OEM recalls
  • Maintenance Reminders
    • OEM specified annual maintenance by time and mileage
  • Monthly Email
    • Statics to the end user with summary of events




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