Insurance Data Services

Insurance Data Services

The root of disruptive innovation for insurance starts with data.  Legacy systems look at historical data to create proxies for risk projections.  Pricing is based on history repeating itself.

C4D looks at actual current events to create a real world total risk portrait. Pricing is based on genuine insights.


Data Analysis and Scoringshutterstock_161375699

C4D has developed a dynamic analysis engine to measure the effects of “real time” risk indicators.  Specifically the model measures driver behavior, volume of driving and risk area.  These indicators give a constant view of exposure at both the individual and portfolio level.

We take this analysis one step further by turning the insights into coring indicating the true level of risk and pricing indicators based on this dynamic risk score.


Market Strategies

Our analysis services allow you to test market assumption for new products and reduce the risk of product launches.


Actuarial Consistency

The vast amount of vehicle material stored on the C4D servers provide a “data rich” environment for study and pricing support.  C4D enables custom queries meaning only the imagination limits the way the data can be viewed and the insights available.


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