Data Analytics

Volume, Velocity, and Variety = BIG DATA.


The connected world produces the very definition of BIG DATA.  Just collecting the data from a connected vehicle or connected home can be a daunting task.

  • One vehicle can have up to sensors 400 sensors and produce as much data in one day as all the airplanes flying in the world.



Just to add complexity the data is coming from a variety of devices and locations in a variety of formats.


And the analysis world can seem impossible.  Many “data scientist” would have you believe you can only make sense of this whole world with expensive in-house expertise.



Our services include:

  • Insurance Data Services
  • Data collection from a variety of mobile devices
  • Data scrubbing and validation
  • Outlier and anomaly detection
  • Perform data analysis and create insights based on your needs
  • Create visualization designed to uncover hidden learning
  • Construct analysis model to support price optimization
  • Provide web interfaces and data feeds directly into your internal systems



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